Monday, April 1, 2013


Assalamualaikum !

i feel sooo sad lately. 
i dont know why .
sedih dengan diri sendiri yang xmampu penuhi kehendak diri sendiri .

yeah. i still trap in my very own mind. 
trap in kind of dont know what i am suppose to do to satisfy myself .
these quest and statement are always crossed in my mind :

1. sedihnya . tapi apa yang aku sedihkan? # infact nothing happen to me that makes me feel sad . 
2. i feel so bad . # semua benda buat asyik xkena ja
3. how i wish i could be in that way instead of that way # mess me much
4. what actually i want? #somebody please tell me 
5. why i cant be the person that used to be previously? # many of my friends tell that im not myself
6. stress nyiaaa # out of the blue
7. can someone describe my feeling? because me myself cant define # this is real bad .
8. honestly my self-esteem is getting lower and lower and lower # i dont want that
9. why should i think of such a silly things # makes me looks so sloppy
10. could u please lend me your ears? 

so. just now i wrote down what actually i feel . lega sikit. sikit ja.
i dont know. maybe i just lose my Iman. Ya Allah. please give me strength. 

i just dont know what i want and what should i want and even what i think .
feel like im trapped in my very own mind . stucking there and nobody could reach me.

O Allah, give me some strength and please gimme chance to grab Iman into my life.
obviously , i am lack of Iman . :( so sad .

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