Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year resolution


happy new year, happy new determination, happy go to school, happy shopping for sale, happy new book and be happy happy all !

of course, we must be happy on this new year , this bless 2013, please be good to meeeeee :3

Alhamdulillah we are still alive, breathing, stepping on earth and still can see our family, friends and world..

bila da masuk tahun baru ni, for sure or mostly org akn berniat or terniat nak tanamkan semangat baru kan kan kan.. so do i.. ..... tapi bila da msuk tengah tahun tup tupppp, semangat tu mula la pudar cam kena vanish kaler pink tu.. but for those who are fighting his/her new determination until the end is suppose to be given a rewarrd.. yala kan, sbb da usaha sungguh2 untuk menjadi lebih baik :D (but reward urself) :p

so my new year resolutions for this 2013 are 

:: study hard ! (every year cmtu)
:: fighting for first class degree ! :)
:: take more responsibility and be more mature in handling things
:: do a lot of ibadah ^^
:: be punctual !

maybe thats all, kalo banyak sgt kang xmenjadi, tu pn mayb 1 or 2 je yg mayb jln, tu pn kalo jln, klo x, habok pun tarak -..-

so, as i am now oficially 20 y.o not yet teen , i really want to be more mature, because it seem that i was too unmature before ......~.~
#friends.. please be mature too then i can be one.. hehehe...

newyearnote :: a new year resolution means have to change from bad too good, good to better, so, we all can live without too much problem ahead.. and too reduce problem.. please.. i tell you, watch YTF videos (Chester i laf u ! )

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